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Coping tips

As if spots weren't uncomfortable enough - they impact on your emotions too. Acne can easily affect your confidence, leaving you feeling low and lonely.

If that sounds familiar - if you don't feel like going out or meeting new friends for fear of being teased about your skin - then it's worth bearing in mind the following tips for coping with your acne.

  • Remember, it won't last forever - nearly all types of acne can be improved with treatment. Don't hesitate to visit a doctor if it's troubling you - they'll help you find an acne treatment that works for you.

  • Do something positive - the sooner you get yourself on a course of effective acne treatment, the sooner your skin will improve.

  • Handle the ups and downs - even though you're treating your spots, you may still get flare-ups as your hormone levels change. But stick with it and stay positive; results often improve as the weeks and months go on.

  • Keep a journal - a photo diary of your treatment progress can help keep you motivated. If you take pictures before you start treatment, two weeks later, a month later, then three months on, you're more likely to notice your skin improving - and that's a great feeling.

  • Get out there - although it might be hard at first, getting some fresh air and a little exercise can improve your feelings.

  • Talk about it - don't be embarrassed by your acne, you'll be surprised how many others feel the same as you. Websites such as are a good place to learn from other people's similar experiences. If your spots are making you miserable, nobody would want you to suffer in silence - speak to a friend, parent, teacher or doctor. There's always someone you can talk to.